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Silvia Krog: #169.5 Schneestrum
Portal, online-gallery and network for postcard-artists.

Real art at small size and small price!
Small affectionately designed pieces of art.
Buy the original artwork of the artist!

We trade no printed cards, only handmade unicums and miniatures from 10 Euro - Finest Cheap Art!

155 registered artists - therefrom
64 active artists with 757 postcARTs.

postcART =>
small, unique pieces of art on postcards
(German DIN A 6: 148 x 105 mm)

Methods of creation are free to choose. Sketches, paintings, acrylic, wax, collages: Everything is possible.
The only requirement is singleness.

Only unicums and no reproduced artwork like prints oder photos will be accepted.

This way postcARTs are not only interesting for collectors but also as a nice and unique present.

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